To showcase the new FJX Cinder Weapon Vault for Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II reveal called  FJX Cinder, we created
this badass ID to be displayed on several social and broadcasting platforms. Showing the variety of attachments and the ‘unbreakable’ nature of the blueprint.
Communicating how cool this item is and making it feel like this is one of only a few of these that will ever be made.

Client: Activision Publishing.
Creative Director: Brando Russ. 
Senior Producer: Hayley Linsenbard.
Direction: Brandon Russ and Spencer King.
3D Assets: Infinity Ward.
3D Assets Art Direction: Joel Emslie.
3D Animation / Graphic Design / Motion Graphics Animation / Compositing: Miguel Monteagudo.
Sound Design: Trevor Bresaw.
Software: C4D, Blender, and After Effects.


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