The idea of this project was to create an animation ID packaging iconic 80' movies like "Neverending Story" and "Ghostbusters". Is one of the funniest projects I've created alongside Fabiana Daly and the rest of this awesome crew that made this project one of a kind.

Client: Sony Pictures Television / AXN Europe
Creative Director: Andrea Locatelli / Sony Pictures Television
Senior Producer: Mariano Gobbi / Sony Pictures Television
Direction: Miguel Monteagudo and Fabiana Daly
Animation Direction: Miguel Monteagudo & Fabiana Daly
Art Direction/Graphic Design: Fabiana Daly
Storyboard: Miguel Monteagudo
Characters and Background Illustrations: Gustavo Dao
Patterns design: Daniel Garrido
3D Animation: Miguel Monteagudo
2D character animation: Fabiana Daly, Pedro Da Silva Pita, Miguel Monteagudo.
2D/Motion Graphics Animation: Fabiana Daly
2D/Motion Graphics Animation Assistant: María Coello
Compositing: Miguel Monteagudo

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