Promo created for AXN Sci. Fi to wrap 5 films that involve dangerous animals (Boa vs Python, Swarmed, Caved in, Snakehead Terror, and Red Water)

Client: Sony Pictures Television / AXN Europe
Creative Director: Andrea Locatelli, Miguel Monteagudo & Fabiana Daly
Senior Producer: Mariano Gobbi/Sony Pictures Television
Animation Direction & Storyboard: Miguel Monteagudo & Fabiana Daly
3D Animation: Miguel Monteagudo
Art Direction/Graphic Design: Fabiana Daly
Characters and Background Illustrations, 2D character animation: Fabiana Daly, Miguel Monteagudo.
Motion Graphics Animation: Fabiana Daly
Compositing: Miguel Monteagudo and Fabiana Daly
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