The goal was to promote this four movies; Super Eruption, Annihilation Earth, Earth’s final hours, Seeds of Destruction.
Client: Sony Pictures Television / AXN europe
Creative Director: Andrea Locatelli / Sony Pictures Television
Senior Producer: Mariano Gobbi / Sony Pictures Television
Direction: Miguel Monteagudo
Animation Direction: Miguel Monteagudo
Art Direction/Graphic Design: Fabiana Daly / Miguel Monteagudo
Interface Design: Oscar Escauriza
3D Animation: Miguel Monteagudo
3D Modelling: Miguel Monteagudo / Daniel Moreno 
2D/Motion Graphics Animation: Oscar Escauriza / Miguel Monteagudo
Compositing: Miguel Monteagudo
Original Music: Matias Monteagudo
Sound Design: Matias Monteagudo
Voice Over and Audio Mix: Sony Pictures Television / AXN europe

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